Thursday, January 3, 2019

It's been a long time ....

... and a lot has happened since my last post. I plan to revive this blog and use it as a platform to update the community on our transition and the good things happening here at the robot shop.

Here is a quick list of the changes here at FRC 3556 GET SMART:
1. We now work in our own robot shop - hurray!
2. We started a non-profit called GET SMART Robots to help build STEM/Robotics opportunities throughout our community.
3. We won the Regional Engineering Inspiration Award in 2017, sending us to compete at the World Championship in Houston, TX.
4. We started an FTC team, FTC 13057 GET SMART in 2017.
5. We are now a county-wide team with students from three local high schools: Columbia High School, Belmont Academy Charter School, and Fort White High School.
6. Personally, I left CHS in 2016 and went to work for a FIRST-related non-profit in Jacksonville, realized that we (The Crews Family) belonged back here in Columbia County, and so we moved back in January of 2017.

While the past few years have challenged me and the team in ways I never would have expected, I am pleased with the transition our team has made, our successes over this time, and the prospects for our future. There is good stuff all around.

Stay tuned!

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