Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 Youth Engineering Camp

This summer we held our first Youth Engineering Camp for students ages 7-10. The idea was piloted by our team captain, Dugan. We had ten team members and twelve camp participants. The week focused on teaching kids about science and engineering through hands-on activities. We built mousetrap powered cars, straw rockets and model rockets, and had several engineering challenges including paper airplane contests and an egg drop lander.

I enjoyed watching my students learn what it's like to run a classroom and help younger kids with projects. I think they earned a new respect for the teaching profession. I definitely earned a new respect for elementary school teachers. The week was a great success that we plan to make it an annual event.

We started the week with some fun icebreaker activities and asked each group to come up with a favorite food and a descriptive word. That's how our interesting group names were formed.

 Toxic Yellow Cupcakes

Mega Green Ribs

Juicy Orange Watermelons

Hard Blue Crabs

Campers meeting Maxwell, our 2012 Competition Robot

Thank you FPL!

GET SMART would like to thank Florida Power & Light for continuing to support our team. I would like to send a special thanks to Mr. Jeff Simmons from FPL who has continued to procure funding for our team. Mr. Simmons' son Jacob was a critical member of our team during his senior year, our rookie season of 2011. Mr. Simmons continues to support our team and recently paved the way for us to receive a $1,000 sponsorship from FPL's education program.