Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where do I begin?

So many great things going on around here lately that I don't know where to begin this post. We had a successful yet stressful season, raised a lot of much needed money, and learned much along the way. After spending most of the first day trying to make it through inspection at the Orlando Regional, we were alliance captains and made it to the semifinals. We even spent a good bit of time in the number one spot during the first day of qualifying rounds. I think we even surprised ourselves. Our robot, Agent 99, took a couple of falls from the tower and was in need of repairs that we couldn't make on the sidelines during those last matches. Regardless, it was another great year for GET SMART and our success really has the team pumped up for off-season events and our future in general. 

I'll leave you with some photos from competition. 
Our drivers, Chandler and Timmy

Our team captain, Hayley

Agent 99 climbing the tower in Orlando

Our travel team at the end of the Orlando Regional

The team is busy planning fundraisers, helping out a Lego league team-in-the-making, and planning a week long engineering camp for 3rd - 5th graders later this summer. I'll post more about the camp soon. If you are interested, email us at for more information.